Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3 Round 14 Disqualification

In round 13 of the Pro Tour Modern Horizons 3player Bart Van Etten was paired with Javier Dominguez for a Feature Match. In the third round of the third match, Dominguez played Phlage, Titan of Firefury to deal 3 damage to Van Etten Nethergoyfwhich was a 2/3 creature (with two card types in Van Etten’s graveyard). In response, Van Etten played Not dead after all targeting Nethergoyfhired it and placed a Villain role token on it, indicating the Nethergoyf had died and was returned to the battlefield by spell. However, Not dead after all was in the graveyard as a third type of card so Nethergoyf was a 3/4 creature when when the Phlage, Titan of Fire Fury trigger resolved. Nethergoyf would not have died and therefore should not have received a Villain role token.

This issue was raised with the judging staff on Day 14, and the event’s head judges investigated by reviewing footage and interviewing both players after their Day 14 matches. The conclusion of this investigation was that Van Etten had intentionally committed a violation of the rules of the game. As a result, he was disqualified from the event. The result of the matchday 13 was overturned as part of this decision.

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